Sunday, 15 May 2011

Against all odds...

Well, I'm new to this.
January 2nd, 2011, I moved into a new place. I was desperate at the time and turned to Craigslist for people seeking roommates. I found a nice guy who arranged for me to come over and see the place. Possibly a five minute interview and I said I'd take it! Fireplace, huge kitchen, huge living room, a dishwasher and... a backyard!
Fastforward to today, puttering through Canadian Tire and impulse purchasing seeds! Six packages of potential yumminess for my tummikins!
Now for the hard part.
My first few web browsing pages pretty much told me that the place I have chosen is most unideal. This is going to take some serious pixie magic. I am going to weed out and spread enriched soil under a patch of trees in my yard. Some sunlight, roots, who knows what kind of drainage.... we'll see.
I think the best thing I can do is make sure the soil is perfect and weed/love it regularly.
Nitrogen is essential for vigorous stem and leaf growth. Sources of Nitrogen are manure, bloodmeal, bonemeal, canola meal, cottonseed meal and others.
Phosphorous is essential for strong root systems and flowering. It can increase fruit development and seed yield. Sources of Phosphorous are rock phosphate, bloodmeal, bonemeal, cottonseed meal, and urine.
Potassium is essential for cell division and strong stems. It helps fight disease, improve the quality of fruit, and decrease the water requirement of plants. Sources of Potassium are wood ashes, greensand, manure, and compost.

So as soon as I have a free evening, probably wednesday, I will start my weeding and purchase some worm poop to spread around. I will include pictures of the area and the seed packets I have in the next post. Right now, though, is Game of Thrones and a nice massage for mein Drache.

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