Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In Pixie Time

Last I posted about how I am going to start a new garden! Well, I was digging away at the spot I had chosen and started to find broken glass and a diaper. Unhappymaking! My next step was to call up my landloards to ask if I might start a garden somewhere else on the property... their answer was no. Growl!
If you don't know much about this pixie, let me teach you something now; she gets distracted. I've done a lot of wonderful things in the last few weeks! (Fine.. months..) Lit things on fire, made costumes, played with friends and my tallest. I have an interview coming up at an adorible bakery that makes cupcakes! It's called Cupcakes! Oh the many, many wonderfuls.
Today, which is the 5th of July, 2011, I decided to grow things and write about them again.

This entire adventure is about a spontanious desire for growth.

I could have put my mind to it and created a garden box, and there is still a chance that I will, but for now I want to them to sprout so I have the incentive to do such things. This is why, when I discovered the seeding trays, I devoted all of my energy to planting today.

Even my tomato made it into it's As-Seen-On-TV upside down tomato planter!

I have planted Beets, Carrots, Lettuce and Zucchini. I am really not expecting much, but I hope they at least brake the soil. It would be so nice to have lettuce growing outside that I can just go grab and make a salad. I have a terrible time eating a whole head before it goes slimey in my fridge.. you know, the distraction thing...
..silly pixie..
Now I just sit back and wait. I've been out on the deck a few times this afternoon to reposition them to get optimal sunlight. I think I've found the perfect place! I can taste fresh zucchini soup already.
What do you mean 65 days!!!???
Well, maybe by then I'll have posted again! ;) Bye!

Oooh! OoOh! And it's FIVE MONTHS until my birthday!!!!!! The plan is to go to the bug zoo.
I heart bugs.

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