Sunday, 10 July 2011

Breaking the Soil

Huzzah! It has happened! I see little bits of green!! The first picture is of my lettuce and the second is of my beets. Joy! That hardly took any time at all. =)!!!

Also, after a rather violent transplanting, my tomato plant is growing upwards. And I have beer.

Pride parade was today. Stomped around on the grasses, looked at pretty rainbow balloons (and t-shirts and wrist bands and pants and head pieces and hooolahoooops.) Made a possible deal with a pretty lady whom makes hoops. I put yarn in her hair for burning man and she makes me a custom hoop in trade. I am pretty excited! 
Yay, Pride! Always an entertaining time. My tallest had never been, it makes me happy to show him things he hasn't seen already living his rockstar life. Also met up with Tarasarus and had coffee. Only a few months until Matthew Good. (Yum!) I have pixie hair (pictures soon) and very little responsibility for the next two weeks. Time to start downsizing my stuff and quitting smoking.

It's wonderful to be relaxed.

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